The Best of 2013: YouTube’s Top 10 trending gaming videos of the year

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Join members of El33tonline as we release our lists of the very Best Games of 2013, including our own personal lists and round-ups of the best games on each platform.

This list is a little different though, and is supplied by YouTube – here is YouTube’s list of the top ten trending game videos of the year.


Over the course of 2013 there have no doubt been millions of gaming related videos uploaded to YouTube across all kinds of categories from publishers and developers, media outlets, players and ‘Let’s Play’ internet stars.

Only a handful of these videos were able to reach over ten million viewers, though, and YouTube has compiled a list of the top trending gaming videos for the year, while also creating a celebratory mash-up video of its own recognising the top content creators across all genres of videos uploaded this year including musicians, presenters and YouTube sensations – watch that at the bottom of the page.

Here are the top ten trending game-related videos that gained traction on YouTube this year.

10.) Minecraft Mini-Game: Cops N Robbers! – SkyDoesMinecraft

– 12 million+ views

9.) Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video – PlayStation

– 14 million+ views

8.) Funny Gaming Montage – PewDiePie

– 16 million+ views

7.) Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes “Fishing in Baku” Gameplay Reveal – Battlefield

– 16 million+ views

6.) League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed – League of Legends

– 19 million+ views

5.) Official Call of Duty Ghost Reveal Trailer – Call of Duty

– 21 million+ views

4.) League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate – League of Legends

– 24 million+ views

3.) Outrageous Ending! Mad Father (6) – PewDiePie

– 27 million+ views

2.) Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video – Rockstar Games

– 29 million+ views

1.) PlayStation 4 – PlayStation

– 31 million+ views

Bonus.) YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

Which were your favourite game videos of 2013?

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