5 reasons I’m excited about 2013 right now

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It seems just a short while ago that we were all looking back at our favourite games of 2012. We then turned our heads to 2013 and began discussing our most anticipated titles for the next 365 days. And now it is 2013 and the countdown to the release of many of those titles has begun in earnest now!

Here’s 5 reasons I’m excited about 2013 right now.

1.) Borderlands 2 captivated me in 2012, I’m still exploring Pandora with my crew now and can’t wait for the new downloadable content coming later this month. Let’s hope it raises the level cap too!

2.) There are rumours that Microsoft will reveal the new Xbox at this year’s E3 expo. There’s not much more exciting than a new gaming console, and all the titles that it will bring to the industry!

3.) Not to be outdone, there is speculation that Sony will pre-empt Microsoft’s announcement by revealing the PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation Destination event in Arizona next month. Also, I stand corrected; the only thing more exciting than a new gaming console is two new gaming consoles!

4.) The great line-up of 2013 is starting in just 8 days time. From there we’re going to be kept busy with new AAA games releasing each month. There are awesome collectors’ editions to think about too, as we try to make space for them on our already crowded gaming shelves.

5.) We’ll be getting new multiplayer games so I can spend more time jumping back online to co-op with my online buddies.

How about you? What are you most excited about right now for the year that lies ahead in gaming?