The Gamer and the Backlog: Playing Through the Past to Enjoy the Future

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Once, there was a guy that was really into gaming. One warm evening he discovered something truly scary: A Backlog! This is a story about a gamer and his backlog of games. A story that you all will be able to connect with as we all have this thing called ‘The Backlog.’

So what is a backlog? It’s a collection of games that you own and still have to play. We all have them, no matter what platform or system you play on. As everyone knows, I have a very small collection of games and not a lot of time to play them all due to time constraints (and other games that have kept me busy for months and months). Let me share with you my story and what my backlog has in store for me.

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I’ve always had a backlog of games, as I don’t just play a game to finish it and move on. I play it to enjoy it. Over the past year or two, however, my backlog has grown in size and there are many reasons why my backlog is the size it is now, including working and organising DBNGamers, as well as family responsibilities. Another reason for this is the release of Battlefield 3. For months I couldn’t think of playing any game other than Battlefield 3, but that game can’t take all the blame. It’s just that I have so many choices that I can’t decide what to play.

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In the past year there have been some epic releases like Darksiders 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6… the list goes on. As much as some would like to own them all, we can’t. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the big hitters of the year, but my backlog is so epic that I have a system I’ve created to keep control of what will be played and what should wait. I see myself as an all-rounder when it comes to gaming, as I game on all major platforms, and although my first love was PC gaming, with so many cool multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 I have started playing more Xbox games than PC games… but I am in the process of doing a PC gaming revival.

The Gamer and the Backlog PC Collection

Another reason for my backlog size is that I am a bargain hunter. If I see a game I don’t have going for a very nice price, and it looks like something I would enjoy, then I will get it. Once there was a massive sale (I can’t even remember where) and I managed to pick seven titles. So you see, my backlog is always growing. Let me tell you about my system to control my backlog, though.

My gaming backlog is divided into three categories:

– Still Sealed: Games that won’t be opened until they are ready to be played.
– Opened and Disc Relocated: I open the game and remove the disc to a DVD/CD pouch and these games are pending some play time.
– Disc Tray/Install: This is when the game is actually being played and has seen some game time.

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The problem is ‘one doesn’t simply make your backlog smaller.’ I am going to try my best this holiday period to decrease the number of games in my backlog and I have stopped buying games (for now) so I can focus on the games I have. The question is, where will I begin? Well, I will start with the games I’ve started playing, but never managed to finish, which means titles like Diablo III and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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So far I’ve just mentioned retail releases, but I also have a vast collection of digital titles on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network to play through, not to mention I have some interesting titles on my Android devices that I need to spend some time with. So it just goes to show that a gamer will always have a thing called ‘a backlog.’ Come to think of it, even if you don’t own all of the titles that have been released yet, you still have a backlog of games to play.

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I hope I have sparked some interest and you will go and have a look at what your backlog has to offer – you will be amazed at what gems are hidden in there. Will you be spending some time trying to decrease your backlog this holiday season? All I can say is, good luck and happy gaming.

(Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I’ve been planning and working on an application that will allow you to enter your backlog of games to help you decide which game to play next. It’s still in the early stages, but I’ll have to see if it will go public in the future.)

Here is the complete stack of games I will be attempting to dive into this holiday season:

The Gamer and the Backlog Collection

What are some of the big titles you have in your backlog that you really would like to finish?