Grow Up and Keep the Balance, or Become a Millionaire Game Collector

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There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they have a brief moment of lucidity. That moment, however brief, is what many psychologists and experts in the field term ‘a moment of awakening.’ It’s what my mom calls ‘growing up.’ The actual point in life where this moment occurs is different for everyone but in the majority of cases everyone will experience this coming of age (AKA maturity) and respond accordingly.

In some rare cases, however, individuals experience what psychologists and experts in the field term the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome.’ These folk just never grow up.

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Most ‘ordinary folk’ have experienced that ‘moment of awakening’ and have responded to what they come to realise is a rather excessive and unhealthy dedication to their frivolous fun-seeking habits by getting jobs, selling their consoles and moving out of home. Most ‘Peter Pans’ just carry on blissfully mining for gold with their level 80 Panda Paladin in Warmongercraft V, none the wiser to life going on about them, while mom makes them another grilled cheese sandwich and changes their bed linen.

Most gamers reading this will probably fit somewhere in between these two definitions. We have seen the unsustainable path of ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ and recognise that to fuel our gaming habits we need to generate an income to pay for our own entertainment. We also recognise, however, that getting a job and dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to the ‘Rat Race’ is just as unsustainable for our gaming habits, so we choose to sit somewhere in between – work just hard enough to earn just enough money to afford just enough games.

We are what I like to call ‘The Equilibrium.’ The world is balanced by people like us, and the tilt of the Earth’s axis is just right. Seasons flow. The tides come in and go out. There is joy in the land. Humanity and all life as we know it is balanced. Thanks to us.

Gun Kata Illustration

Balanced, that is, until some crazy man in France decides to buy a bunch of games and consoles when they are released and keep them sealed. I’m not just talking about buying one or two games, I’m talking about buying every game that is released. Do you understand what this means? Someone out there had it in their mind to buy every single title ever released for a range of platforms and keep them in mint condition and sealed in a pet-free, smoke-free environment while their evil plan of world domination and equilibrium-breaking would slowly incubate and eventually hatch in the month of July 2012.

This crazy guy has been laying low for years as he slowly amassed an arsenal of titles only to finally release them upon the unsuspecting world and cause all chaos to break loose.

Why is some dude selling a bunch of games all that bad? When you consider that this ‘some dude’ sold just shy of one millions Euro’s worth of games and console gear (excluding the one thousand Euro shipping fee) from Nintendo, SEGA, and NEC systems – all factory sealed, mind you – it’s tilted the worldwide equilibrium completely off centre (not that it ever was centred, but I digress).

R10 Million Game Collection

If you can even get your jaw up off the ground when thinking about this concept, consider this: How much did it cost this bloke to purchase all of these titles, store them, and not be tempted enough to play them?

Then ask yourself this: How far would you go to follow his example? Is anyone out there about to consider purchasing every XBLA title or every Xbox 360 sealed game and accessory known to Microsoft to release onto the market fifteen years from now for around one hundred million Rand? Is this even possible in South Africa where the rate of ‘redistribution’ is so criminally high?

And once you’ve given up on all of these conundrums, here’s one more for you: Who out there has enough cash to spend on this collection and what are they going to do with it? They’re all sealed and pristine so I have a feeling the person buying them is a collector, which means they’ve just blown more than ten million Rand on a bunch of games and kit they’ll never play! Can you fathom that?

I really don’t know what to think about all of this but there’s one thing I know for sure: I have a whole lot of work to do to save up for the Xbox 360 collection this guy’s going to release fifteen years from now …

Check out a few pictures of this mad collection at the eBay auction site.