The El33t Team’s Top 10 Games of 2011

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2011 has come and gone, but that’s not to say that we’ve forgotten the games that the industry gifted to us during the past 12 months. In fact many of us are still playing these titles with our friends online, and many more are still eagerly waiting to play these titles, they’re either sitting on our wishlist or in our backlog as we struggle to find more gaming time.

Let’s take a look at what titles found a special place on the El33tonline team’s gaming shelf in 2011. You’re sure to spot a few of your own favourites too, so feel free to let us know which were your top games of 2011 in the comments section below.

The El33t Team’s Top 10 Games of 2011

Please note that these are listed in no particular order.


1.) Super Mario 3D Land
2.) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
3.) Forza Motorsport 4
4.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
5.) Pullblox
6.) Rayman Origins
7.) Mario Kart 7
8.) Pokemon Black/White
9.) Kirby’s Epic Yarn
10.) Kirby Mass Attack

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1.) Assassins Creed: Revelations
2.) Batman: Arkham City
3.) Deus Ex: Human Revolution
4.) Gears of War 3
5.) Killzone 3
6.) L.A. Noire
7.) Mass Effect 2
8.) Portal 2
9.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
10.) Uncharted 3

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1.) Battlefield 3
2.) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
3.) Gears of War 3
4.) Rayman Origins
5.) Uncharted 3
6.) Batman: Arkham City
7.) Resistance 3
8 ) Need For Speed: The Run
9.) The Black Eyed Peas Experience
10) Crysis 2

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1.) Portal 2
2.) Battlefield 3
3.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4.) Batman: Arkham City
5.) Uncharted 3
6.) Deus Ex Human Revolution
7.) LA Noire
8.) Infamous 2
9.) Rayman Origins
10.) Bastion

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1.) Resistance 3
2.) Uncharted 3
3.) Gears of War 3
4.) Batman: Arkham City
5.) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
6.) Rayman Origins
7.) Crysis 2
8.) Battlefield 3
9.) Need for Speed: The Run
10.) The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

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1.) Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Curiously addictive game that is good clean fun in co-op mode and versus. We’re talking 80’s-era plastic soldiers, Apache gunships, and John freaking Rambo.
2.) Portal 2 – The co-op element of Portal is simply fantastic!
3.) Dead Island – What all zombie games of the past have forgotten to focus on is the reality that guns are a rarity and stamina is a necessity. Dead Island was rough around the edges, but it’s a great co-op game and you finally get to see some sun.
4.) Battlefield 3 – Still my game of choice since getting it on launch day. ‘Nuff said.
5.) Call of Duty: Rezurrection Map Pack for Black Ops – Zombies on the moon. ‘Nuff said.
6.) Fruit Ninja Kinect – Crazy fruit-chopping entertainment no matter which way you slice it.
7.) Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean – Every Lego game (yes, I said EVERY Lego game) is oodles of co-op fun, and this one is no exception. To play the ever-quirky Captain Jack Sparrow to the impish soundtrack of Pirates magnifies the fun factor to new heights.
8.) Just Dance 3 – Four player dance party game with a swathe of current billboard hits? What’s not to love!
9.) Gears of War 3 – Very refined, very impressive graphics and a game that offers some of the best co-op action around.
10.) Insanely Twisted: Shadow Planet – I haven’t even touched on the single player yet because the four-player Lantern Run in co-op mode has kept me busy for weeks. Can you tell I enjoy co-op? Well, if you do too then grab this breath of fresh air from the slightly overcrowded shooter stable.

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1.) Batman: Arkham City
2.) Uncharted 3
3.) Resistance 3
4.) The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
5.) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
6.) Battlefield 3
7.) Dead Space 2
8.) Gears of War 3
9.) Rayman Origins
10.) Crysis 2

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