Win awesome Crysis 3 T-shirts! (Closed)

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Note: This competition is now closed!

Congratulations to the following winners, each of whom will receive a shirt:

– Khulie

– MacDeath_ZA

– Vegeta ZA

– ajb321_

– Trebzz

– Thesenc

– CataclysmicDawn

– CaViE

– Albertus

– Paranoid Android

Thank-you to everyone who entered our competition – the more you support our giveaways, the more we can run and, therefore, the more chances you and the community at large have to win awesome games and goodies!

As always, thanks to EA South Africa for supporting the community, too, and providing us with these great goodies to give away!

After under a year of having to be satisfied with watching the crushing singleplayer action unfold in awesome gameplay trailers and getting the chance to play a snippet of the multiplayer side of the game in an all-too-short multiplayer beta, the day has finally arrived: Crysis 3 is here, and it’s time to suit up!

Members of El33tonline are uncontrollably excited about this new chance to dive into the Crysis world and see what new gameplay and visual tricks the development team at Crytek have cooked up for us with Crysis 3, and Lisa’s hands-on previews have done nothing to quell our anticipation.

Crysis 3 Banner

One of the mainstays of the Crysis series has been the special combat suit worn by various heroes, and in Crysis 3 Prophet makes a full return to the story as chief protagonist to take full advantage of the suit’s ability to imbue its user with maximum Armour, Strength and Speed, with a cloaking ability available at a whim, too.

To share the excitement of Crysis 3, El33tonline has teamed up with EA South Africa to give away ten Crysis 3 t-shirts! We’re sure there are some of you who, at some point after playing a Crysis game, have uttered the phrase ‘Maximum’ in the throaty electronic voice of the games, and for a chance to win one of the shirts, we want to know (in 100 words or less):

“How will the Crysis 3 t-shirt Maximise your life?”

Note: Please let us know what size shirt you would prefer in your answer and we’ll do our best to get you a shirt to suit you!

El33tonline’s Wayne was chosen as our model to demonstrate the Crysis 3 t-shirt that’s up for grabs – lookin’ Maximum, Wayne!

Crysis 3 T-shirt - front

Crysis 3 T-shirt - back

We’ll be running this Crysis 3 shirt competition until the very end of March 4th – thanks to EA South Africa for providing these awesome shirts to give away!

(Note: This competition is open to residents of South Africa only.