Win DmC: Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 and PS3 with an awesome shirt! (Closed)

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Note: This competition is now closed!

Congratulations to NinjasCreed (Xbox 360) and Trebzz (PS3) for both winning copies of Dmc: Devil May Cry, as well as awesome shirts!

The very first Devil May Cry game from Capcom acted as a disruptive force in the action game genre, giving us a chance to dance around a deadly arena and destroy heinous demons with style and fluidity much more akin to a graceful ballet than a brutish hack and slash experience.

Now over a decade later, not many games have been able to match the series’ flowing, chain-based combat and with the release of DmC: Devil May Cry from Capcom and Ninja Theory here in 2013, it’s become clear that not many game developers are up to the task of matching the signature stylish gameplay that the series provides.

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DmC: Devil May Cry is a re-imagining of the franchise’s classic demon hunter story and lore, this time starring a much younger and more rebellious Dante who finds himself under attack by demons who will stop at nothing to destroy him – even buildings, walls and pillars will twist and contort themselves to crush Dante!

Of course, that signature sword- and gun-based combat is here and better than ever (read Lisa’s review here to find out why), with new Angelic and Demonic powers to better help you banish enemies and work your way through the environment, too.

You’ll be rewarded for mixing and matching the use of your Demon Arbiter weapon and the Angel Osiris with greater combat chains and scores, and it will be necessary to use a specific weapon to overcome a particular enemy at times… but sometimes it’s just fun to use one over the other!

DmC: Devil May Cry Competition Banner

DmC: Devil May Cry Competition Shirt

El33tonline, Capcom and Ster Kinekor are giving you a chance to win DmC: Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with an awesome DmC shirt, and for a chance to win these prizes you’ll need to answer the following question (in 100 words or less):

Which weapon – the Demonic Arbiter or Angelic Osiris – are you most looking forward to testing out in DmC: Devil May Cry, and why?

Here are the two weapons in action:


DmC: Devil May Cry Competition Osiris Image


DmC: Devil May Cry Competition Arbiter Image

You should also read Lisa’s DmC review to find out why this new game from Ninja Theory is so outstanding, but you might also get some clues for your answer…

We’ll be running this DmC: Devil May Cry competition until the very end of January 29th, so get your answer in before then!

Thanks to Capcom and Ster Kinekor for sponsoring this amazing prize!

(Note: This competition is open to residents of South Africa only.)