Win WWE ’13 on Xbox 360 and PS3, with a very collectable extra! (Closed)

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Note: This competition is now closed!

Congratulations to mujabees who will receive a PlayStation 3 version of WWE ‘13, and SKWEH who has won WWE ‘13 on Xbox 360 as well as a massive WWE ‘12 collector’s edition!

Wrestling games have been around for as long as there have been home consoles to play them on, and each year the genre attracts new fans who can’t resist the engaging gameplay and entertaining spectacle they provide. WWE ‘13 is the latest entry in this established genre and looks set to be THQ’s most accomplished wrestling game yet, featuring the all-new Attitude Era Mode and an enhanced game engine that allows for more fluid animations and better collision detection as Oltman’s review describes.

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El33tonline has teamed up with Ster Kinekor to give the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation, along with the ultra rare WWE ‘12 Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360. Here are some more details about each of the two prize packages on offer:

First prize:

- WWE ‘13 for Xbox 360
- WWE ‘12 Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360. This collector’s edition was never sold in South Africa and consists of an exclusive Foil Topps trading card featuring the Rock, a bonus DVD – Matches from “greatest superstars of the 21st century,” limited edition art of the Rock, and The Rock playable superstar for WWE ‘12.

Second prize:

- WWE ‘13 for PS3

To stand a chance to win one of these awesome prizes you’ll need to tell us who you think would emerge victorious in a fight between two custom WWE ‘13 characters Oltman has created – here are those characters with an introduction and biographies for each:

“I would like to introduce you to two such superstars,” writes Oltman. “They will meet each other in the ring soon for an Extreme Rules match and you get to vote for who you think should win. Don’t just guess, study their strengths and weaknesses and look at the cool costumes. Then stay tuned and watch the resulting fight, right here on!”

Thunder Thighs Vega

Thunder Thighs Vega hails from No Place In Particular. People often mistake this for a generic birth place when it is in fact a little town in the middle of the Karoo. It also happens to be one of the driest place in South Africa, which makes finding any sort of body of water a nearly impossible task. This is quite ironic considering Vega’s webbed feet.

WWE '13 Character Image 2

Vega grew up loading sheep onto trucks ready for the export market. Being a very strong lad he could carry a sheep under each arm and easily load up a whole truck. The dull and dreary colours of the Karoo (brown, sandy, beige and Clifton Cream, the colour of his mom’s house), however, did not appeal to Vega. When he was old enough to file for legal separation from his parents (mom had a hard time letting go) he moved to the big city with big dreams and his moonbag intact.

Vega entered the WWE out of pure desperation. And a whole lot of luck. Upon waking one morning after a particularly drunken stupor, he found his hair tinted pink. The new bright colour immediately suited his piglet demeanour. He had hardly walked a few steps and the local pound mistook him for a poodle, netted him and sold him to the circus. Here, while performing for a live audience, he was spotted and recruited into the WWE.

Vega moved up the ranks very quickly and, leading up to his first big fight, the large man had only one thing to say: “Can I have some milk and cookies please?”

Wrestling style

Vega is a big hunkering man with very powerful and deliberate hits. Once you are in his bear hug there are not many places for you to hide. Vega is particularly good at suplexes, hammer-throws and painful submission moves. Don’t think that you can escape his clutches either as he is known to be deceptively fast. Turn your back for too long and he could come at you from anywhere.

The softer side in Vega also gives him compassion for his opponents and he will very seldom attack groggy opponents.

Sub Hero

Hailing from the Edge of Reality, Sub Hero was sent to our world by his parents who hoped he would be a leader to the strong and a protector of the weak. The scientists from his world made a decimal error in their initial calculations, however, and as it turns out he has no special powers whatsoever. Without powers he also lacks quite a bit of courage and ended up being less of a hero, and more of a Sub Hero.

WWE '13 Character Image 1

Realising that his parents sent him to a place that is remarkably uninteresting, Hero decided that his special skills (or lack thereof) would be perfectly suited to mortal combat. Due to copyright problems and a character named too closely to Sub Hero, however, he found his way into the squared circle of the WWE.

Being slightly colour blind, Sub Hero never really pays much attention to what he wears, as long as it is extremely tight and has a cape. Believing that all good superheroes require a cape to make them fly, he fully embraced the cape as his symbol of strength.

Wrestling Style

Sub Hero wants to a be hero with all his heart. With this in mind he loves to perform high flying moves during bouts. Jumping off the top rope, performing flying kicks and high dives Sub Hero always puts his body on the line. This is not a show of courage, but rather thanks to the shield on his chest which contains the only remaining part of his ship. Little does he know that the shield is from the on-board toilet seat.

Sub Hero is also fully aware that all heroes need to be a performer. This lead him to adopt a fighting style that will never just include a straight kick or punch, but will include some sort of flip, flop, jump or a twirl. Sub Hero calls it “The Dance from the Edge of Reality that is unpronounceable by Earthish tongues and thus shall not be spoken in fear of your brains melting.” For us mere mortals we have settled on “bliksem hom.”

He is able to dish out rapid attacks and can cover great distances (meters!) in a second to surprise his opponent.

Who do you think would win in a fight – Thunder Thighs Vega or Sub Hero – and why?

For a chance to win one of our WWE ‘13 prizes, leave your answer in the comments below (no more than 100 words, please) before the competition closes on December 10th, and let us know which platform you would prefer the game on – PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Thanks to Ster Kinekor for sponsoring these fantastic prizes!

(Note: This competition is open to residents of South Africa only.)