Vote for your El33tonline Game of the Year 2012 nominee: Stage One (Closed)

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(Note: This stage of the Game of the Year nominee voting is now closed)

Thanks for your votes so far, everybody!

Stage Two of the voting is now live!

More so than any other year before it, 2012 was frontloaded with a wealth of exceptional games, allowing us to enjoy a stream of excellent titles for months on end… before a bit of a drought hit in the middle there, which is when a collection of downloadable and handheld games arrived to pick up the slack, and now here at the end of the year we’re being treated all over again to more new and incredible videogames!

Which were the very best games of 2012, though? Which games from this year absolutely deserve to be in our collections and occupy a space on our physical or digital shelves?

El33tonline Game of The Year Nominee Badge (White)That’s a very stressful question to answer on our own, which is why we’re turning to our friends and readers in the El33tonline community to help us decide by voting for El33tonline’s games of the year for 2012!

The voting process will be very similar to last year, and we’re going to present you with an initial list of 25 games that we’ve identified as some of the best of 2012. It’ll be up to you to refine the list across three stages of voting in the coming days, before we move into the final, ultimate Game of the Year voting stage a week and a half from now.

Here’s the initial list, with voting instructions below:

– 1.) Asura’s Wrath

– 2.) Borderlands 2

– 3.) Darksiders 2

– 4.) Diablo III

– 5.) Dishonored

– 6.) Dragon’s Dogma

– 7.) Far Cry 3

– 8.) Fez

– 9.) FIFA 13

– 10.) Forza Horizon

– 11.) Guild Wars 2

– 12.) Halo 4

– 13.) Hitman: Absolution

– 14.) Journey

– 15.) LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

– 16.) Mass Effect 3

– 17.) Max Payne 3

– 18.) Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

– 19.) New Super Mario Bros. 2

– 20.) New Super Mario Bros. U

– 21.) Resident Evil 6

– 22.) Sleeping Dogs

– 23.) The Walking Dead Series

– 24.) XCOM: Enemy Unknown

– 25.) ZombiU

So now that you’ve had a peek at our first draft list, it’s time to make it your list!

If you think a game is missing from the list, all you need to do is vote your chosen new game into the list, and one of the included games out of the list. You can only do this once, so choose carefully. If you’re happy with the list as it is, then we’re happy to leave it this way and you don’t need to vote.

In order for a game to be removed from the list, we need at least five votes from you. So for example, if you wanted to vote Halo 4 out, we need five of you to vote: ’Halo 4 Out’

In order for a game to be added to the list, we need at least five votes from you, too. So for example, if you wanted to vote Need For Speed: Most Wanted in, we need five of you to vote: ’Need For Speed: Most Wanted In’

If you’re worried your favourite game might be voted out, you can reinforce the list by voting that game In, but you still need to vote another game Out. Pick your battles.

Does this all sound complicated? Don’t worry, all you need to worry about is your vote and we’ll take care of the rest!

This first round of voting will run until the very end of Thursday, November 29th, at which time we will revise the list with all of the games that have been voted In and Out, and move on to Stage Two of voting.

Let’s get voting for El33tonline’s Games of the Year 2012, as chosen by you!