Fr33-to-Play Friday: ARMA: Cold War Assault

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Welcome to Fr33-to-Play Friday – a weekly look at some of the latest free-to-play titles available along with full games that are being given away for a limited time.

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It’s been a quiet week as far as notable mobile game freebies are concerned so let us turn our attention instead to Steam where two games are currently free to play over the weekend (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and ARMA III) and one is being given away as part of Bohemia Interactive’s fifteen anniversary celebrations (ARMA: Cold War Assault).

ARMA: Cold War Assault (a.k.a. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis) was originally released for PC in 2001 and was Bohemia Interactive’s debut game. This combat military simulation went on to win many Game of the Year awards and has sold over two million copies to date. The game is currently sitting with a 85 Metacritic score and 86.51% on GameRankings. You can download it free of charge over here.

Next up is the most recent entry in the ARMA franchise – ARMA III. The game is currently free to play until 1pm PDT on Sunday and is set on the Greek islands of Altis (formerly Lemnos) and Stratis in the year 2035. ARMA III didn’t score as highly as the original game but its realistic graphics powered by the Real Virtuality 4 engine and its diverse sandbox environments should make for a compelling military simulation.


Finally we have Chivalry: Medieval Warfare which is also free to play until 1pm PDT on Sunday. This “fast-paced medieval first person slasher” was originally released in 2012 and places a strong focus on multiplayer battles set in the type of environments you would associate with medieval combat. Expect to see plenty of dismemberment and bloodshed in this gritty experience where besieging castles and raiding villages is the name of the game.


Will you be downloading any of this week’s freebies or giving them a miss? Let us know in the comments.

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