Battlefield Friday War Cry: Get back to the Battlefield!

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Get back to the Battlefield, soldier!

Victory is not going to secure itself you know. It is me, Colonel Poitjie, and I know I was MIA last week due to some travels, but this week I am back and ready for war. I have sharpened my ACB-90 and loaded my PKP Pecheneg for some non-stop shooting action! [Pecheng-pecheng! – Ed]


Join me and the El33t Soldiers on the battlefield tonight. The battles will be long, they will be tiring, and they will be awesome. Remember, it’s the fastest trigger that gets the kill and I need your support – I dislike losing a match and if I do lose a match I will work harder to win the next one.

So if I haven’t scared you off yet, then Keep Calm and Play Battlefield 3. Show the world why we are called the El33t Soldiers – it’s a name to be feared! Battles will take place from 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE tonight ’till nobody can stay awake anymore.

If you can Feel the Battle, then you will win the battle!

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