El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Everything changes, but some things stay the same

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After a topsy-turvy, stop-start week it’s almost time to hang up the keyboards and pick up the controllers because the weekend is upon us!

What have you got lined up for the next two days? Find out what members of El33tonline have got planned and let us know what’s on the cards for you below:


“The W33kend has arrived. It is going to be nice relaxed and chilled one for me. After work today I will be heading to Empangeni to go visit the folks for the w33kend. But my trusty Xbox 360 will come with as she is part of the family after all. So maybe, just maybe I will make it for some Battlefield 3 action.

I might even do some distance running in Empangeni to see what has changed and then just try and not eat too much over the w33kend. I did get this wonderful little game on my phone that I am really enjoying called Tiny Thief. Have a great one.

It’s w33kend, so this is crazy, will see you online maybe.”

– Pieter on Twitter: thepoizone


“This weekend is going to be a stressful one for me. Moving out  and up to Hillcrest. That is all.

Did have an awesome Skylanders session with my future super heroes last night though.”

– Russell on Twitter: RDMZN


“165 days until Christmas!

Got a lot on this weekend (40th birthday party [not mine], rugby, catch-up with the in-laws) to keep me super busy and away from my gaming machines and it’s taken a more somber turn with the funeral of a dear friend’s dad (Olt’s father-in-law) so everything else is taking a lower priority … thoughts and prayers are with Mary-Anne’s family at this time – he was an awesome man and a solid example of someone who rose above their own trials to be strong in spirit and noble in character. He will be sorely missed.”

– Bryan on Twitter: brattex


“Its time for rest and family bonding. I will mix it with some anime watching and gaming (Yes I am still on Riptide) but hopefully my borderlands 2 crew has downloaded the latest DLC so we can embark on another epic journey through Pandora. Other than that the weekend is set to be a calm and relaxing one. Excited !”

– Matthew on Twitter: MatthewPWalsh


“There’s plenty on the cards for this weekend. It’s my dad’s 60th birthday tomorrow so my wife and i will be surprising him with cake, but not before we head down to Westville courts for another round of tennis.

I’m also keen to play some more Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. on my 3DS XL to see what new abilities and plot twists await me!

Here’s hoping everyone has a sw33t w33kend!”

– Tom on Twitter: tom_el33tonline


“I finally took the plunge and started The Last of Us last weekend… but I didn’t get very far so this weekend I’ll be making a greater effort to finish that up, and hopefully also get to dive into the weird fantasy world of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep in Borderlands 2 with the crew.

Have a good one, everybody.”

– Oliver on Twitter: El33tonline


“This weekend I’ll be catching up with family and friends, but there will also be time spent ironing out plans for next week’s travels. There’s always plenty of top-secret action going on at El33t HQ, and the next two days will be no different. Time to top up the ol’ moat. Hopefully there will also be time to dig into the new Borderlands 2 DLC with my crew. Have a great weekend p33ps!”

– Lisa on Twitter: LeelooZA

What have you got planned for the weekend, everybody? We hope you have a fantastic time!