Battlefield Friday War Cry: Soldiers, fall in!

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Calling all soldiers! Calling all soldiers! This is not a drill: Please ready your weapons as we have discovered some enemy activity on the battlefield – they have to be stopped! Your objective? Secure Point Alpha, bravo and Charlie! (Wow, all three? At once?! That’s a tall order… – Ed)


The enemy has moved into Ziba Towers, taken over the Scrapmetal yard and setup HQ in Donya Fortress, so it’s time to take on some enemies in Close Quarters combat and make sure they know who the El33t Soldiers are! Are you with us or against us?

You have your orders. See you on the battlefield at 20:00 hours on Xbox LIVE and be sure to join the ranks of these El33t soldiers for Battlefield Friday:

– Griff3nZA
– Smuroh
– Gunnerjunkie
– BiscuitZA
– Piglet DE
– CrazyErick
– RowanatorZA
– DrtV8derZA
– POItjie

Mission Briefing over. Report to the armoury and collect your ammo. It is going to be a long battle tonight.

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