Battlefield Friday War Report: Dominating Force

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We all know that Battlefield 3 is about team work and the more the team works as one unit the more they dominate the enemy forces. This was the case on Friday night with Battlefield Friday.

These are the El33t Soldiers, and these are their stories. (*Clong Clong!* – Ed)


During one match of Conquest on Operation Metro, we really showed what team work is. We had an unbreakable defense line setup and had the upper-hand most of the match. When someone got shot down, he got revived and not one soldier ran out of ammo as the ammo was supplied in bucket loads. Another show of good team work was when Griff3nZA and Smuroh took on the rest of the El33t soldiers and showed how one should play Rush.

Later in the evening we had a face-off on the map Operation Firestorm. CrazyErick and Piglet DE moved with the air support, while Gunnerjunkie and myself controlled the heavy armour on the ground. On the other team Griff3nZA and Smuroh took to the air and sometimes rolled in with the tanks. BiscuitZA and RowanatorZA moved around on the battlefield trying to remove all enemy tanks moving in.

This is where RowanatorZA got shown how destructive a tank could be and I’m not sure if he was always in the wrong place and the wrong time or I was in the right time in the right place.

Battlefield 3 Screenshot 8

What would a Battlefield Friday be without some tags being taken? Griff3nZA managed to be the first to claim some tags and they were sadly mine. Before I continue I have to tell you about this one amazing shot Smuroh pulled off.

I was defending my objective and managed to kill Griff3nZA, by just removing one plank in a wooden wall. I turned around to relocate to a flanking position and then it hit me: One amazing headshot through the wood barricade and into the back of my skull! I was so shocked that I had to avenge my own death.

I ran for miles taking out people as I moved to flank around the enemy to find Smuroh. I manage to locate him and just as I took his tags, BiscuitZA spawned on him. The first thought in my mind was: “I am dead, she is taking my tags.” That wasn’t the case, though, and she started to run away from me so I snagged her tags in the process.

We all had one awesome night of Battlefield 3 and it all ended when some of us had some Xbox problems when the last round completed – the map is known for having that glitch – but I have to say before that happened I managed to get a triple kill that I am very proud off: Smuroh got stuck in a corner and I managed to throw a grenade killing him, Griff3nZA and BiscuitZA. Sometimes one grenade in a room full of enemies is so much fun.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the action. See you all this Friday for some more Battlefield 3 action. See you all online!

The call went out on Friday and these were the brave soldiers who responded:

- Griff3nZA
- Smuroh
- Gunnerjunkie
- BiscuitZA
- Piglet DE
- CrazyErick
- RowanatorZA
- DrtV8derZA
- POItjie

I was proud to fight alongside (and sometimes against) these brave soldiers. They are truly El33t soldiers, salute.

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