El33t’s Question of the Day: Should gamers manage their expectations, or should developers do that for us?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Jumping to conclusions is what gamers do best and we’re very good at putting our creative minds to work when a publisher or developer teases an announcement of some kind.

More often than not, the community hive mind is able to piece the clues together and pretty accurately guess what the upcoming reveal will be, but other times our imagination runs away with us and we’re left disappointed by the reality, even if the ‘real’ announcement is still of value.


Most recently, Codemasters teased the reveal of a new rally racing game of some kind, but stopped short of saying which platform it would be on or detailing the scope of the game. Personally, I immediately envisioned a next generation version of Colin McRae racing with all of the graphical splendour one might expect from a game running on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Turns out, the game is a remake of a previous Colin McRae game for iOS devices.

Should I have managed my expectations and rather waited for the game to be announced, or should Codemasters have placed a solid scope on what the team was about to reveal? Was I wrong to get my hopes up, or was Codemasters wrong to take advantage of my excitement for a new game from the studio?

What goes through your mind when a new game announcement is teased?

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