Battlefield Friday War Cry: Reawaken the beast

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This is a call to all the El33t Soldiers out there. It is time to take back the battlefield and reawaken the beast that is Battlefield Friday. Will you join us in this mission? If you accept, you will be rewarded with some awesome online fun!


I know I have been MIA the last couple of weeks, but tonight nothing will stand in the way of victory. But I need my El33t Squad to help me achieve victory. Don’t have all the DLC maps? Not a problem, we will play on the maps you have available.

Here is an optional mission: Don’t play the class you are most comfortable in. I am a trained Assault Class soldier that likes to be on the front line in battle, Smuroh is a trained camper, I mean Recon Class Soldier that always has a eagle eye on the battlefield. Tonight we will be a different class. We might even just swap places.

So will you join us this evening on Xbox LIVE? The battles will take place from 8pm until it all ends. It’s time to Feel the Battle like you have never felt it before. Give me a huh rah!

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