Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard (PC)

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When I use a keyboard there are a few things that I notice: The feel of the keys; the sound that the keys make when my fingers strike them with expert timing and aim; and the ability to wash away any dirt my two-year-old manages to attack my keyboard with!

Logitech K310 Keyboard Image 1

Logitech has released the K310, a washable keyboard to stand the test of any grime, dirt or 360 words per minute typist. The keyboard has a striking colour scheme that breaks from traditional keyboards and it was well received by this reviewer, and especially my wife, who within a minute of seeing it said, “We must have it” and then rephrased almost immediately to, “I must have it for work!”

So how is typing on this keyboard? It’s enjoyable to a degree and I will qualify that comment now: I love silent keyboards – love them! – and unfortunately the K310 is not silent at all. It’s loud, especially if you are letting your fingers do the sprinting on those laser cut keys. I suppose that is only a negative if you are working in the same room as a sleeping baby, but with regards to actually typing in a normal work or home scenario, the K310 makes your fingers feel at home.

Logitech K310 Keyboard Image 2

The main selling point for the K310 is the ability for it to be washed in water with regular soap without risk of it being damaged, or have the lettering fade on the keys. It can have cream soda spilled on it and left to dry for days, and even topped off with some greasy fingers courtesy of the BBQ-soaked hot chips.

Normally a keyboard would be throwing in the towel by now, but not the K310 – just dunk it in some water (no deeper than 30cm) and add some regular soap (can’t specify leading brand names here) and scrub all your sticky, greasy worries away. Place it in a dish rack to dry naturally and, Bob’s your uncle, you have a good as new K310 awaiting your next food orders.

Logitech K310 Keyboard Image 3

On a serious note, though, the K310 is well designed with everything you’d expect from a keyboard, plus its layout is spacious and the striking colours make you feel like framing it and showing off its flair.

The Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard is available for R499 from online South African retailers.

Rating Score  
Aesthetics 5/5 White keys with the grey background is perfect
Quality 4/5 Its loses out because of the loud keys when typing
Functionality 5/5 It has every key you need and even FN keys for added functions, plus… it’s washable!
Value 4/5 Well priced for a keyboard that can go the distance