Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 (PC)

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The ability for technology to integrate into our daily life is definitely a key factor with regards to our tech on review today. With its ability to seamlessly connect with Bluetooth enabled devices in a flash of blue, to its illuminated keys, the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 is a must for serious consumers on the move.

The K810 is an outstanding Bluetooth keyboard for mobility, weighing in at 338 grams and with dimensions of 290mm (W) x14mm (H) x128mm (D) it will be almost invisible in your bag. I say almost because the power this device packs will quickly remind you of the gem that you have with you.

Logitech K810 Keyboard Screenshot 2

The K810 has the ability to store its link with up to three devices at a time, making this review happen on three devices at once even easier. At the moment I have paired my laptop, iPad and Note 2 with it and all it takes is a simple press of the F1, F2 or F3 keys to switch between the devices and carry on typing. The change happens almost immediately.

Logitech has always produced products with superior build quality and that is especially true with regards to the K810. With soft touch keys and a brushed steel finish to the casing, this keyboard is a pleasure to type on and to look up. To add to its looks the K810 shines brightly with it backlit keys (which automatically adjust to the surrounding light conditions) making typing in the dark a breeze.

Logitech K810 Keyboard Screenshot 1

The battery life is excellent and having used it for the past week it hasn’t shown any signs of weakness. The reported figures for battery life are ten days to a year without having to recharge via the supplied USB cable. Those figures are dependent on the usage and the brightness of the illumination of the keys.

The K810 was designed with Windows 8 in mind and it works flawlessly with it. From switching apps to quick launching Chrome, the K810 doesn’t fail to impress and this is where Logitech’s own software comes into its own. SetPoint is a fantastic piece of software for anyone who owns a Logitech input device. It allows the user to further customize their products to suit their individual requirements and to make for a more fulfilled experience.

Logitech K810 Keyboard Screenshot 3

The only downside of the keyboard is the lack of the ‘home,’ ‘end,’ ‘pg down’ and ‘pg up’ keys, but these keys quickly lose their use when the K810 is paired with a touch screen enabled device. The lack of keypad will be missed by those who work heavily with numbers, but it’s a necessary sacrifice to achieve the featherweight for this heavy hitter.

If you are on the move and consistently hitting the screen of your device as you shoot out Whatsapp messages, news articles, blogging entries, agenda meeting minutes and documents upon documents, then this is the keyboard for you. The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 is the perfect piece of tech to integrate into your daily life. It’s available for a recommended retail price of R1200 from Incredible Connection.

Rating Score  
Aesthetics 5/5 Polished, smooth and pleasant to view and hold
Quality 5/5 Superior build quality
Functionality 5/5 Perfect for on the move consumers
Value 4/5 A bit on the pricey side but worth it in the end