Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 (PC)

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The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 is a stylish looking mouse that features an Ink Gears Black and White pattern. It also comes in a range of styles within the Graffiti Colour Collection to suit your needs. Compact in design, it is of a suitable size to pop into a bag for use with your laptop on your travels.

Installation is simple with a sliding compartment underneath the mouse that comes off with a gentle push with your thumb. No need to get any tools, or worse yet try turn your nails into tools to open up this mouse. Pop in the single 1.5 volt AA battery, put the cover back on, plug the USB receiver into your computer, and flick the switch underneath the mouse to the ‘on’ position.

Wireless mouse m325 Screenshot 4The Logitech Mouse boasts an 18 month battery life, which certainly sounds impressive, although getting this review live has prevented me from waiting the 18 months to validate the claim. Even if you only get six months it is well worth the convenience of not having to have a cable dangling in the way when you whip out your laptop at a meeting. To preserve battery life remember to turn the mouse to the ‘off’ position when packing it away for travel.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse is certainly comfortable to hold and thanks to some non-slip grips on the side should keep you firmly in control even under sweaty conditions. The first thing that struck me was how fast the scrolling was, it was almost too fast. You can go to your control panel and turn down the sensitivity, but you would be missing out on the innovation that Logitech is bringing to us web citizens.

Wireless mouse m325 Screenshot 1

As it turns out the mouse features the latest in micro-precise scrolling that is supposed to make it easier for you to get the most of navigating reams of content like Facebook and Google searches. It does take some getting used to, however, works well to scroll slowly line by line or whizz by pages of posts to get somewhere quickly without having to overexert your finger. I would have liked a little more tension on the wheel as it felt a bit light for me, as though it was spinning freely, but after a couple of hours you won’t even notice it anymore.

A nifty feature that is easy to miss is the wheel tilt action whilst browsing the internet. With a tilt of the mouse wheel to the left you move backward and with a tilt to the right you move forward on the Web.

Wireless mouse m325 Screenshot 3The Unifying Nano-receiver is a great feature of this Logitech range to help you reduce USB clutter. All you need is a single USB receiver and it can connect your Logitech mouse and Logitech keyboard to your computer simultaneously. I really appreciate this feature having to often resort to a USB hub to plug all my USB devices in. It’s nice to see Logitech doing something to help us with this problem.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 retails at R299 from Incredible Connection, and is worth considering if you are in the market for a compact, stylish and high performance mouse with cutting edge features.

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Rating Score  
Aesthetics 4/5 Visually appealing and compact
Quality 4/5 Feels solid and comfortable
Functionality 5/5 Responds well on different surfaces
Value 5/5 Good price for a stylish mouse with great features